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Amgwes strives to be a leader in the Health & Safety industry sector. Amgwes works with companies to create safer environments for the companies, their employees, and the communities in which they operate. We design safety solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

Services we provide:

·       Amgwes Safety Inc. is an independant provider of St. John Ambulance First Aid Courses including             HCP / CPR recertifications.

·       Provide assistance with getting COR certified

·       Develop company safety manuals

·       Conduct safety audits 

·       Offer site safety management and consulting

·       Provide hazard assessments

·       Provide guidance on safety meetings

·       Offer site inspections

·       Provide guidance on incident & accident reports.

·       Provide written safe job procedures, policies & programs

·       Offer a Transportation of dangerous goods course

·       Train WHMIS course

·       Train Power line hazards course

·       Train OH & S legislation course

·       Train First Aid / CPR/AED/HCP/Marine Basic

·       Ergonomic Assesments for Work Sites and Work Stations.

·       Develop Back InjuryPrevention Programs.

·       Swing Stage Training

·       Competent Inspector of Fall Arrest Equipment.

·       Noise Level Assessments.

·       Quantitive Fit Testing for Masks and Respirators.

·       We also provide hands on, certified / competent inspection of “fall arrest equipment” 




• Competent inspector of fall protection equipment

• Conducting toolbox and safety meetings, and writing up incident reports and near misses

• Implementing safety policies and safe job procedures

• Supervising jobs and crews

• Training apprentices

• Pipefitting and third year apprentice B pressure welding

• Roughneck drilling rigs

• Installing curtain wall, sealed units and panels on high rises and large office buildings

• Finish flashings and caulking

• Doing layouts and elevations and using all different kinds of levels

• Setting up and operating swing stages

• Operating zoom booms, scissor lifts and other aerial lifts

• Operating spider cranes and winch cranes

• Cutting and handling any size and thickness of glass





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